Our Menu

Yohei Sushi KAHALA uses imported Japanese ingredients and fresh local ingredients from Hawaii.


Course meals are tailored to OMAKASE with a focus on Sushi. Please enjoy the world of Yohei Sushi Kahala.

Kinohi $280

  • In Washoku, we value the taste of the golden “Ichiban-dashi” soup stock.
  • We want our guests to enjoy this first cup of soup stock along with the food culture.
  • This course is a unique experience that only Yohei Sushi KAHALA can offer.
  • In addition to the signature dish Otsukuri Hassun, we also offer a variety of seasonal delicacies and ingredients, such as grilled dishes (choice of fish or meat), and noodles to finish the meal.
  • The colorful dishes are made with fresh ingredients from Japan and Hawaii, and the hospitality of our master chefs

Lokahi $280

  • This is a counter-only course featuring Yohei Sushi KAHALA’s unique and colorful OMAKASE NIGIRI (16 pieces).
  • You can enjoy the “Japanese sushi restaurant style” where our chefs prepare each piece of sushi with the best seasonal ingredients while keeping your taste and preferences in mind.​


  • Enjoy carefully selected fresh fish and the world’s three greatest delicacies in a modern style.
  • The dishes that shine with the skill of our master chefs are sure to make your special occasion even more memorable.
  • The course begins with a cup of soup stock, as if we were telling a story through food, and continues with selected Nigiri Sushi made with seasonal delicacies and ingredients. Also featuring specially selected Wagyu beef dishes that can be prepared in any way you choose.
  • You can enjoy the exquisite cuisine to your heart’s content.


  • The “Delight of Taste” woven with ingredients from Hawaii and Japan.
  • This course includes the signature dish of Yohei Sushi Kahala, “Otsukuri Hassun”, made in the image of a small island made up of delicacies from the Sea and Mountain.
  • The course includes seasonal delicacies, 8 pieces of Sushi, Tempura Temaki and noodles to finish.
  • You can enjoy the special Nigiri that shines with the craftsmanship of our chefs.

We aim to create a new fusion of cultures by challenging ourselves to create dishes that are not limited to Japanese and Western cuisines!

  • * When using the sushi counter,we allow 2hours from reservation start time.
  • * Please note that some menu items are subject to change due to availability.
  • * Some dishes may be different depending on the course, even if the Menu is the same.
  • * If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please let us know at the time of reservation.