Yohei Sushi KAHALA

Yohei Sushi Restaurant was born in 1990. The “artisan” Chef Obara poured his energy into providing the best traditional Japanese Sushi. His restaurant was much loved, and it became a part of Hawaiian community.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to your tremendous support by introducing our second restaurant “Yohei Sushi KAHALA.”

Yohei Sushi KAHALA will feature a luxurious sushi counter and private dining rooms where customers can enjoy their meals in comfort. In addition to traditional Japanese cuisine, we will offer new dishes inspired by Hawaiian food culture, along with exquisite wine and sake pairings. You can look forward to the finest in both taste and service.


Yohei Sushi KAHALA

Kū’ono Marketplace
4210 Waialae Ave, #102, Honolulu, HI 96816


Join Our Team

At Yohei Sushi KAHALA, we are seeking passionate individuals to be part of our team, embracing the essence of Japanese Hospitality. Together, we aim to create unforgettable moments for our guests, ensuring they feel relaxed and cherished.

To explore our current career opportunities and apply for a position, please complete our online application.

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