A New Era
of Tradition

The Kahala location will also be home to our new chef who will provide the best of what Japan has to offer, as well as new fusion for Hawaiian and Japanese culture through food, atmosphere, and providing delightment for all five senses–a truly memorable experience.

The Interior Story

The Path

Japanese immigrants have taken to Hawaii

The aisle from the entrance to the counter seating area. The history's unusual beginnings are expressed through a fusion of Japanese styling with modern lighting touches. It is named "THE PATH" and leads to the destination spreading out ahead.

Main Dining Hall

Hawaii now achieves peaceful fusion with Japan

Hawaii achieves peaceful fusion with Japan. The main dining area is located near the entrance. Named PEACE to express the peaceful fusion with Hawaiian culture, the ambiance reflects modern sensibilities. Offering a casual and comfortable atmosphere.

Sushi Counter

The arrival of Japanese culture that deepened in Hawaii

Although the sushi counter is Japanese style, it is surrounded by indirect lighting and a modern wine cellar.
The space creates a calm, serene, sense of peace. Become immersed in the history, while enjoying the finest cuisine that Japanese culture has to offer.

Private Room


With its sparkling exterior and luxurious interior, it expresses a history of continued efforts and success, as well looking to wards a bright future ahead.You will to get a sense for a new era in Hawaii.

Art Gallery

An art form that expresses the flow of time and the changing seasons in paintings.

Bringing Japanese aesthetics to the world Imagine, if the Sun rises from a painting of Mount Fuji, how would that make you feel?
Art Grage’s general artistic producer Kazuo Nakano, saw a sunset view of the seaside in Hawaii, he thought, “I want to bring this sunset view back to Japan.”
By viewing this new art form from Japan, together with the finest Japanese cuisine, we hope customers will learn a little about the culture of “Wabi-Sabi”–Japan’s important spirit of hospitality,as well as experience moments of excitement.