In 1990, there were not many authentic sushi restaurants in Hawaii–Yohei Sushi was one of the first when it opened in Kalihi.
From then on, Yohei Sushi has stood as a pioneer for introducing traditional Japanese sushi to Hawaii for many years.

Sketch provided by Hawaii Hochi, Ltd

In the mid-19th century, the population of the Hawaiian Kingdom declined dramatically due to disease. The Hawaiian government, which was mainly engaged in sugarcane farming,struggled with labor shortages and decided to bring Japanese immigrants to Hawaii. In 1868, the first Japanese immigrants–about 150 people, landed in Hawaii on the British ship the “Scioto”. This was Japan’s first overseas immigration. There are many things in Hawaii that are said to have been brought by Japanese immigrants and fused together with Hawaiian culture.

Kazuto Obara, founder and sushi chef of Yohei Sushi, moved to Hawaii from Hiroshima. He opened the restaurant with a strong desire to bring happiness and hope for a brighter future to everyone he met by offering the people of Hawaii a chance to enjoy the Japanese culture of sushi together.


Yohei Sushi was taken over by its current owner,Tetsuya Matsuda in 2018.
Keeping with its founding goal of becoming a locally lovedfavorite,
Hiroshima Mazda decided to open a second Hawaii restaurant in the Kahala area.
We wish nothing but the absolute best for them,
and will continue to provide our ongoing support.

Kazuto Obara
Hisako Obara

Yohei Sushi Founders

YOHEI SUSHI KAHALA is based on the concept of
“Bringing Japan’s finest to Hawaii” and is a restaurant that faithfully carries on the YOHEI desire to “Build a bridge between the two cultures of Japan and Hawaii”.
We deliver the finest quality of Japan today, and hope you will have an amazing time enjoying the food, atmosphere,and people through our new cultural fusion with Hawaii.
I sincerely hope for your continued support in the future.

Tetsuya Matsuda

Yohei Sushi Owner